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Baby Huey - Harvey Comic

20. VG-/VG 1956. Tough to find, nice sc/ow pages. Baby Huey goes to the doctor! SOLD
77. VG+ Baby Huey gets a job. God help us all! SOLD
83. VG 25 cent "giant" issue. Flying Saucer story. SOLD
84. VG 25 cent "giant" issue. Baby Huey, Buzzy, Herman and Katnip stories. SOLD
90. VG 25 cent "giant" issue. More BH classic crazyness. SOLD

Badge of Justice - Charlton Comics

2. F 1955 code crime issue with three stories. This is a tough era to collect - issues are hard to find.  SOLD

Baseball Comics - Fawcett Publications

no#. F/F+ Baseball Heroes no# one-shot from Fawcett Publications dating 1952. Probably the best baseball comic done in the Golden-Age, it has a great BABE RUTH photo cover, and stories on all Hall of Fame players. Listed as scarce in Overstreet - and he is right! No real problems to speak of. Very sharp. No restoration. Nice off-white pages. $300.00

Battle - Atlas


63. G 2.0 Marvel's flagship war series. The last 8 issues in this run (#63 - #70) are always in demand - as they are classics. This one has Steve Ditko, Don Heck, Joe Maneely, Carl Burgos, Joe Sinnott, Dick Ayers, and Don Heck. It's a who's-who of the pre-hero Marvel Universe. SOLD
64. VG 4.0 This is the scarce 1st Jack Kirby issue - cover and story. Also Joe Sinnott, Paul Reinman, Jay Scott Pike, and Carl Burgos. SOLD
65. VG+ 4.5 Jack Kirby CLASSIC cover and two stories - one great one about "Guided Missles". Two "Bataan" stories. Joe Sinnott and Marvin Stein art besides Kirby. SCARCE. SOLD


Battle Cry - Stanmor Publications

15. VG Very esoteric burning "Japs" WW II cover. Pre-code war comic. Not listed as such in guide. Nice copy SOLD

Battle Fire - Aragon/Stanmor Publications

4. VG 1955 - Scarce code issue. From an original owner collection in St. Louis. Nice cover, typical post-code war fare. SOLD

Battle Stories - Super Comics, Inc.

10. VG/VG+ 1963 - Reprints from Avon's "U.S.Tank Commandos". Just a note here - many of the Super Comics reprints (and IW comics) are not common, and most are undervalued. Don't forget these reprint comics are now 40 to 45 years old! SOLD
12. VG/F E.R.Kinstler splash page art - from Avon's "U.S.Paratroops" comics. Mel Keefer art. SOLD
17. VG/F 1950's war reprints. Art by Mel Keefer, some GGA. SOLD

Beetle Bailey - Dell/Gold Key/King/Charlton

57. F+ 6.5 Classic Infinity Cover. All new Mort Walker stories and art. Popeye 4 page story by Bud Sagendorf. SOLD
113. F/VF Mort Walker all new classics. John Byrne illos. SOLD

Ben Casey - Dell Comics

1. F- Nice copy of the 1st TV doctor show character. Photo covers, decent art. Spouse abouse with slapping/punching panels and sleeping pills abuse. SOLD

Beneath the Planet of the Apes - Power Records Co.

no#. VG/F 1974. 20 page comic and record set. Nice item. Record in excellent condition, looks never played.  SOLD

Beyond the Grave - Charlton

1. F/VF Tom Sutton demented painted cover! Steve Ditko story. Nice Fred Himes story. One pager by S. Kim.  SOLD
2. VF/VF+ Nice, black Steve Ditko cover, and a long 11 page story. SOLD
3. VF/VF+ Great Steve Ditko cover and story. This was a nice Charlton series.  SOLD
4. F A VF/VF+ copy with a lower cover clean staple pull. Classic Devil cover. 1pg Ditko story. Wayne Howard inks 7 pg story. SOLD
5. VF- Early Bob Layton inks (1976), 8pg Steve Ditko story. SOLD

Billy The Kid - Toby Press

24. VG Decent art and stories from this 1954 issue. SOLD

Billy's Dream by Santa Claus - 1930 Rare Giveaway

front cover

back cover


inside bc


Billy's Dream by Santa Claus - published in 1930 by The Goldsmith Publishing Company of New York.

This was a complementary giveaway comic from The Boston Store chain in Chicago, Illinois.

A Oversized, cardboard stock covers, heavy interior pages, 16 total pages with covers, color and b&w drawings. About Good condition, pages 1 and pages 8 are loose, upper and lower cover split at spine about an 1", everything else connected and sound.

I've owned this for a number of years, and I got it from John Stevens, a well known, old time collector from the Chicago area.

This copy has never been on the market before, and as far as I know, John told me this was the only one he ever encountered - and may be the only surviving copy!


Bionic Woman - Charlton

1. VF-/VF When's the last time you saw this comic for sale?  SOLD

Black Diamond Western - Lev Gleason


58. F+ 6.5 Scarcer, near end of the series issue. Publisher Lev Gleason threw in the towel one year later in 1956. Nice Myron Fass art cover and three stories! Bill Walton art one story. Back last 4 pages have edge tears. Very clean, good cover gloss, slight cream to off-white pages  SOLD

Black Terror - Standard

21. VG/F 5.0 Nice solid copy with off-white pages. Miss Masque story w/ bondage panels. Three great Black Terror stories.  SOLD

Blast-Off - The Three Rocketeers - Harvey

1. F- 5.5 If you like art issues - this is the one for you. Two Al Williamson stories that rivel his EC s/f stuff, plus Jack Kirby, Joe Simon, Angelo Torres, Roy Krenkel and Reed Crandell. And what looks like to me 2 pages by Harvey Kurtzman. Wow! SOLD

Blazing Sixguns! - Super Comics, Inc.

15. VG "The Silver Kid - Son of Geronimo" 1950's western reprints. SOLD
16. F/F+ Great John Severin cover. 50's western reprints.  SOLD

Blondie - Charlton

181. VF 1969 - 5th Charlton issue. SOLD

Blue Beetle - Fox Publications

1. Fair to Good 1.5 Blue Beetle #1 from Fox Publishing dating Winter 1939/1940. A key GA gem - reprints of the 1st appearances and origin of Blue Beetle from Mystery Men Comics #1-5. Also Yarko the Great by Will Eisner. A Good minus copy, 100% complete. Centerfold is loose at the bottom staple, and there is a 1 1/2" x 1/2" piece off the back bottom cover. Book has a slight spine roll, and there is some old time tape in the inside cover spine. Supple cream to off-white pages. Email if you want additional scans. SOLD

Blue Beetle - Charlton

1. VF/NM 9.0 CGC slabbed. 100% classic Steve Ditko. The Question Series begins. A key, hard to find issue in excellent shape. SOLD
2. VG Origin of the Ted Kord Blue Beetle and the fate of the original Dan Garrett Blue Beetle. Plus 7 page Question back-up. Entire issue 100% pure, prime Steve Ditko art! SOLD
3. F/F+ Beetle fights The Mad Men; plus the third regular Question story. Steve Ditko at his best! SOLD
4. VG More Beetle and Question by Ditko. This run is a bargin at twice the price! SOLD
5. F/VF Last issue, nice copy. 100% Ditko's Blue Beetle and Question stories. SOLD
50. F V3 - 1965 - 1st issue in this run, formally Unusual Tales. Beetle battles Mister Crabb.  SOLD

The Best From Boys Life - Gilberton Company

This is a scarce title from the publishers of Classics Illustrated that was published in cooperation with the Boy Scouts of America in 1957. Very neat book with some articles and stories, but mostly comics with stories ranging from the wild west to outer space! These copies are original owner books, and not the inked warehouse copies that have surfaced in the last few years.

2. VG+ Another nice painted cover. 2 page article on stamp collection. S/F and western stories.  SOLD
3. VF+ 100pg giant - great painted cover - High grade copy. L.B. Cole artwork.  SOLD
4. VF+ As above in content. Nice painted cover. L.B. Cole artwork.  SOLD
5 . F Boy Scouts painted cover. Nice S/F art by Al Stenzel - "Space Conquerors!" Stories from the Bible by Golden-Age great Creig Flessel.  SOLD


Betty - Archie

12. Fine to Very Fine 7.0 COVER HAND SIGNED by Dan DeCarlo! Fun Christmas and New Years stories. DeCarlo autographs are RARE - add one to your collections for one of the great Archie artists! Signed cover $15.00

Betty And Me - Archie

9. F/F+ Flying Saucer/UFO story. Plus, a six-page totally silent story. Classic DeCarlo and Bolling art. SOLD
11. VF Betty always gets her man. SOLD
13. F Five page silent sound-effects-only story. SOLD
14. VF+ Have you ever seen Betty's mom and dad? This issue's got them both! SOLD
15. F+/VF Pizza cover. Neat stories. SOLD
17. VF+ Story with cave paintings "billions" of years old. Nice Mod bathing suit cover. SOLD
19. VF I think Veronica's in this issue more than Betty! Betty FLIPS over Archie story. SOLD
20. F+/VF This issue has "Betty's Diary" short features. SOLD
24. VF/VF+ All summer beach issue. SOLD
26. VF+ Christmas issue. SOLD
33. VG/F 5.0 Betty Mod Pants cover. Betty paper doll one pager. SOLD


Betty and Veronica - Archie

91. 9.2 Near Mint minus copy HAND SIGNED by Dan DeCarlo! Cover, pin-up, and all four stories by Dan. Comic is signed on the splash page. Beach story with Cheryl Blossom appearance. Signed panel. $25.00


Black Diamond Western - Lev Gleason

15. VG/VG+ Charles Biro bondage art cover and story.  SOLD


Black Magic - Prize Group

18. F/VF A nice, no problems "Golden-Age" book now 50 years old. Great cover, great stories, great art by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. You will be pleased with this scarce issue. SOLD

Blast - G. & D. Publications

Set #1-2. VF A scarcer "Mad" like humor magazine from 1971. Contributors included Wolfman, Everett, Kaluta, Wrightson, Weiss, Severin, and others. More adult humor than Mad at the time. Complete set.  SOLD

Blood Is The Harvest - Limited Reprint

no#. 1979 This is the limited, oversized black and white reprint edition of Blood Is The Harvest - published by Sparkle City Comics in 1979. This is NOT the same edition that came in The Rare Book Portfolio - but a larger 8 1/2" x 11" numbered, limited edition. This is copy #398 out of 500 copies made. Very Fine condition. Scarce, and a nice item for you esoteric comic history collectors out there.  SOLD

Blue Bolt - Novelty PressBlue Bolt - Novelty Press

V2 #11. F+ 6.5 Blue Bolt V2 #11 from Novelty Press, Inc. 1942. A wild Edison Bell Jungle Natives / Bondage / Mechanical Monster cover and story. Other features include Blue Bolt, Sergeant Spook, and Sub-Zero. Cool stuff! A Fine plus 6.5 copy with a small abrasion bump and a 3/4" cover tear at bottom spine. Centerfold starting to pull at bottom staple. Supple light tan edge to off-white pages. Very clean book. Nice copy. And no restoration.  SOLD
V5 #8 F- A very solid, tight and sound copy with nice cream to off-white pages. Dick Cole and Blue Bolt stories. Jim Wilcox cover and story. Nice GA book.  SOLD

Bobby Benson's B-Bar-B Riders - ME Magazine Enterprises

12. F 6.0 100% Bob Powell artwork cover to cover. If you want one example of this title in your collection - this is the one! Back cover. SOLD

Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery - Gold Key

9. VG Painted cover. Aldof Hitler panel. Wally Wood story. SOLD
9. VG Another copy, about same shape. Sharp copy.  SOLD
22. VF- 7.5 Nice George Wilson painted cover. Two main stories - both with nice art. But I guess the "highlight" of this issue if you want to call it that is a one panel illo by Batman artist Jerry Robinson for a text story. Last 12 cent issue. SOLD
25. VF+ 8.5 Great Lizard Monster painted cover. Art this issue by one "newbee" Sal Trapani, and 3 Golden-Age old timers Art Saaf, Mike Roy, and John Celardo. SOLD
35. F/VF Great painted cover. Nice George Evans type art.  SOLD

Boris Karloff Thriller - Gold Key

2. VF/NM 9.0

back cover

Real nice, high grade copy of the scarce second issue of Boris Karloff from 1963. 84 page square giant, great off-white pages, best copy that I've seen.  SOLD

Boy - Lev Gleason

33. G/VG 1947 Charles Biro and Norman Mauner's "Crimebuster". Also stories by Dan Barry. SOLD

Boy Explorers Comics - Harvey Comics

1. Fine 6.0? Boy Explorers Comics #1 from Family (Harvey) Comics 1946. The 1st appearance of The boy Explorers and their cast of characters. Joe Simon and Jack Kirby classic cover and 24 pages of pure art. Very good stuff! A Fine 6.0 copy?? This looks like a Harvey File copy in the 9.0 range, but the bottom back cover corner was folded at one time, resulting in the last 10 interior pages missing 1/4" out the bottom outer edge. The back cover is complete. Light tan page edges to cream to off-white. Very clean book. Nice copy.  SOLD

Brain Boy - Dell

5. F-/F What a title! Very weird book. The Metal People return. Nice painted cover.  SOLD

Buccaneers - Super Comics, Inc.

12. VG Reed Crandall art on "Captain Daring" GGA, neat stories - very 1950's ish. SOLD

Bugs Bunny - Dell/Gold Key

A4. F (Puffed Rice Giveaway 1949). "Lion Tamer". Scarce, 1949 Puffed Rice Cereals giveaway 32-page comic. Guest starring Porky Pig. 3 1/8" x 6 7/8" in size.  SOLD
FC #281. VG/F 5.0 "The Great Circus Mystery" classic Bugs cover and story. 1950 Back cover. SOLD
FC #298. VG/F 5.0 "Sheik For A Day" 1950. Very sharp copy. Back cover. SOLD
38. VG 1954. More fun w/ Bugs and Elmer - almost 50 years old now - what a bargin!!!  SOLD
72. F/F+ Great fishing cover. Join Bugs, Elmer, Tweety, and gang in a 1960 fun romp!  SOLD
110. VG Classic 1950's Bugs and crew reprints. SOLD
132. F/VF New 1970 Bugs, Elmer, Tweety and Sylvester stories. SOLD
230. VF- Two new plus two classic Bugs stories. Elmer and Sam guest star - natch!  SOLD

Bullwinkle and Rocky - Gold Key

17. F 6.0 Bullwinkle shower cover. Science Fiction story. SOLD

Bunny - Harvey

4. VF 25 cent giant issue. "The Queen of the In-Crowd!" FANTASTIC 60'S cover - check it out!  SOLD

Buster Bunny - Standard

6. F/VF Vince Fago art. Sharp copy with nice pages. SOLD

Butch Cassidy - Skywald

1. F/F+ Blue ink copy. 52 pg giant with new and old western stories. SOLD
2. VF As above, blue ink copy, old and new stories. E.R. Kinstler and Pete Morisi art. SOLD

Buster Crabbe - Famous Funnies

7. VG-/VG Bondage cover, nice Mike Roy art, plus a 1pg Frazetta art ad. Not as common as other issues in this run.  SOLD